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As the world strives to get lives back on track from the disruptions of the Covid-19, it appears that schools would have to adapt to an aspect of the new normal to thrive – eLearning. There are numerous benefits that come with it, however, a lot of schools have not been able to implement effective eLearning strategies. To an extent, some have tried to get on board with tools like Google Classroom and Zoom, but have not been able to fully utilize all their benefits due to lack of continuous training, planning and dedicated technical support.

Our focus is to help schools and educators to effectively integrate e-learning into main stream academic work. Following the guidelines of the National Inspectorate Board (NIB) on the implementation of e-learning in pre-tertiary schools, we have designed suitable modules that meet the unique needs of schools for the effective implementation of E-learning. You do not need to have a complex system or website to get started; and the size of your school does not matter.

Our modules are cost-efficient and task effective. Some special features include – Google Applications for Education with amazing e-learning tools, and PrepTime for online quizzes and examinations.

This gives you the power with added benefits to: easily manage workflow, track students individually, upload resources and share files, facilitate online discussions, set permission and controls, conduct assessments effectively, notify parents and guardians of student progress, access unlimited cloud storage, technical support and so much more.


Technical support is essential to tech integration. Our dedicated E-learning support team offers:

• Design, deployment and maintenance of the e-learning infrastructure;

• Coordination of e-learning activities;

• Training for teachers and students (for which we provide tablets).

Tech integration would ensure that teaching and learning continue effectively and keeps the school running.
In our approach, we appreciate the fact that one size does not fit all, so we actively engage all relevant stakeholders to adopt the framework for their school set up.